Catholic Media Network


CMN stands for Catholic Media Network, where people tune in, during times of crisis – political or economic. Remember Ninoy and EDSA? CMN was the only remaining voice on the air at that time… continuously guiding people… and continuously working for peace, until now.

CMN is previously known as PFCB, Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters – a radio network owned and operated by different pioneering Catholic Broadcast media corporations.

Manifesting a strong WILL and CONVICTION to adapt to the fast changing times and to squarely face up to the challenges and competitive pressures, this network recently took on a new name… thus the birth of acronym … CMN. This new identity has evolved to emphasize the uniqueness and competitiveness of this giant radio network vis-a-vis other radio networks and to “re-awaken” its role and responsibility to the respective communities it belongs to and wholeheartedly serve, and to the business sectors it interfaces with.

Note that at a glance, this Credible Media Network may be misconstrued as pointing towards the solely religious, spiritual and pious realm, effective  only at the pulpits, of perhaps, mistaken to a world-renowned cable network. However, by its true essence, this is definitely a misnomer, because CMN maintains its unique identity of not just a Catholic Media Network but also a Credible Media Network.

CMN is a network of 54 radio stations 28 FM and 27 AM radio stations spread over the Philippine Archipelago in 14 regions and 42 provinces… truly a GIANT – still is the biggest radio station network in the Philippines, both in total number of transmitting power per station.