Catholic Media Network

Uniqueness & Competitive Edges of CMN

CMN is pervasivepresent in key cities to provide exposure and visibility to “clients” whose products and services cater to the urbanites; while on the other end, we are strongly felt in the far-flung rural communities (where others dare not go!), for clients whose products and services are mass-based and affordable.

CMN has over the years metamorphosedthus opening its doors and has become licensed commercial stations, without losing sight of its primordial existence and mission…development & evangelization. Resultantly, the network today accepts advertising placements, promotional activities and others that are “business-related.” CMN has pursued and maximized its credibility amongst the masses beyond the “crisis” situations of the country primarily in its Community Based Radio (CBR) broadcast strategy.

CMN’s sheer “bigness,”as a radio network and its grasp/hold of the rural “common tao,” we believe, can facilitate the promotion and advertising of products and services using radio as a POTENT vehicle to improve if not bolster clients’ product performances with the respective markets and communities we are closely “bonded” with. In so doing, this effort will not only redound to the mutual benefit of both our client and the radio stations we represent but also contribute something to the country’s over-all “economic sense.” In totality, we become not only as catalysts of information source but of business source as well!

CMN‘s reliabilityis unquestionable as it caters to all socio eco classes (ABCDE), capable to generate the needed power and impact for any product type, goods and services.

CMN is the only network that uses the multi-institutional and multi facilities linkaging for product promotions and movement.